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Exclamation Jenn To The Rescue...Again (Now I Need Help lol)

Scenario: Leopard gecko eats mealworms but can't seem to catch crickets and had no interest in them.

Problem: No matter how much food I give this gecko. He's very sickly and scrawny.

Bigger Problem: So my manager and the owner of the store says, "Freeze him".

Solution: I took him home. lol

Confession: I know next to diddly SH** about leopard gecko illnesses and their treatments.

Anyways, you guessed it. We had a sick leopard gecko at work and the owner wanted to put him down. I looked at Aaron and said, "If you have to F***ING do it, do it with me out of here. If you know what's wrong with him, let me try to fix him up"

So Aaron told me that he thinks it might have worms. So he gave me a bottle of "Rid Worm".

Problem is, I don't know how to administer it.

So I have this cute little sickly looking leopard gecko in my room now. I have these worm drops. I don't know how to administer them. I don't know how many doses to give. So I definately need help. It was either this or he meets his untimely death in a freezer. I figured I could at least try.

In other news, for an update. My store did something disgusting with this gecko while I was away for the weekend. I came to work this morning to see that the Ball Python (healthy and doing amazing) was put into a bigger aquarium which I was happy about. And the sickly leopard gecko was put into a smaller one and taken off sale.....then I realized what they did...

They literally took the leopard gecko and threw it in the old ball python enclosure without cleaning it. And did the same for the ball python. They just did a switch of animals without caring to clean them.

Needless to say after long strings of profanities came out of my mouth I cleaned them out and fixed everything up. Then I took it upon myself to clean out the rest of the reptile aquariums lol.

Other than that, work is going great. I have full authority over the reptile care now. The fish guys trust me for the reptile care and leave me be when I am walking around the herp room looking like I'm intent on fixing someones mistake. lol And I'm being PAYED to do this! Hahaha

Anyways, back to the leopard gecko. Help? lol

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