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i think debateing over certern topics is a good thing untill it stops being about the issiue and about I AM RIGHT AND YOU ARE WRONG
That I disagree with. That is simply because sometimes there are occassions where one individual is right and the other wrong, yet the wrong INSISTS he/she is right. Personally this is one thing I CAN'T stand. For example: Chuck is 100% right in regards to the post on the size of burms. In todays captive stock it is nearly impossible to find a 20' specimen so why lie about it and try to scare him out of it. Sixteen feet and twenty feet is only off by four. Sure this sounds like a small amount, my does it ever make a difference! For example, a while back I wanted a burm. This was before I had even handled something like a boa contrictor. Anyhow eventually I got the opportunity to hold a 7.5 foot BCI and my Lord are they ever difficult to handle! When they want to go somewhere, they will! If they were to get around your neck, I have no doubt that they could easily kill someone and would be hard to get off. Now I think to myself: if a seven foot snake is this strong and this hard to control, I wonder what a 15 foot snake with three times the girth would be like? Right there I scared myself, or rather used common sense to avoid getting a burm. So why lie and exaggerate things when you can be informative and not put lies into the new herpers head? Personally I would refer to my own experience and recommend handling a large boa before even considering a burm. Personally, and maybe Chuck is like me, but when i KNOW I am right you will have a hard time arguing with me.
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