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Okay, Chuck, what you are saying is very true. I'm all for debate. Actually, in the higher levels of University most classes are conducted as debates. For ex. I took an English Lit. class at the same time as I was thinking of my theseis (for my degree). As a result of a debate in this class, I completely changed my thesis that I had been working on for months. What I'm getting at is that debate is a very useful tool. However, when used inappropriately it actually causes regression. What I mean by this is that if you and I are debating, and you resort to name-calling, I will automatically become defensive. The result is that both of us will loose sight of what we were originally debating. So, although debating is very positive, there is an invisible line (that is very fine sometimes) that should not be crossed, or you run the risk of going way off topic.
k, that was long-winded. oh well... interesting thread.
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