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Just kidding,the woman is an overreactive nut like so many others. We've had large dogs roaming the streets as well as cats.
Either can injure a person,not to mention carry rabies and other communicable diseases..
But since they are warm and fuzzy they're going to get a break.
I have never heard of anyone being fined or jailed because their cat or dog got out. And there is no way a ban would be enacted on them....exception being a few dog breeds which have earned the dubious distinction of being killers.
Some years ago a neighbor of mine had her grand-daughter staying with her and while showing my water monitor to her the lizard took a quick nip at the child.
Yes it was irresponsible on my part,but the lizard was tame(with me)and I didn't see the harm in her touching the lizard as I held it in my grasp.
Well the old lady went nuts and started freaking out even though I assured her it was not a serious bite and no harm would come from it.
Luckily she didn't call the police or animal control,but she did call poison control because she thought the animal was venomous!
Would I be handling a venomous reptile without any gear,nuch less letting a child pet it ?!?
I'm sure she would think it a bit nutty if her pet basset hound bit me and I started freaking out about how I needed to get a rabies shot.
As long as cute and fuzzy gets "Awwws" and cool and scaly gets "Eeeks" that's the way it's gonna be.

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