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I had one for about a day,which I brought home from work after it was removed from a palm tree where it was sleeping.
I believed it to be a fruit bat at the time but it wouldn't eat any fruit for me so I released it the next evening.
A few years later the same kind of bat ended up on our door step(different house)and we called "The BATLADY"....a woman who was listed in the phone book who recovers bats.
I scooped it up into a box and waited for her to arrive....when she did,she removed the bat and it started biting her then it crawled up her shirt and headed for higher ground.
She told us she was fine because she keeps up on her rabies shots,which is why I wouldn't pick it up.
It was pretty cute though..kinda clumsy looking in the way it crawled up her shirt.

The species was a Seminole bat,which is an wonder it wouldn't accept my offering of fruits.

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