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What is really amazing is this was on the front page! Talk about being a slow day. The article I read was slightly different from that one. I sent an e-mail to the author right after reading it, here it is if you guys are interested:
My name is Adam Webster, I am 16 years old and I live in Hammonds Plains. I just finished reading your story "Metro python no joke to cat owner and pets". I am a reptile keeper myself and I believe that Jennifer Surrette is very misinformed about the aggressiveness and feeding habits of ball pythons (Python regius). If you could pass this on to her then it would be appreciated. A python that is 4 feet in length would be eating large mice or small rats in captivity, there is no possible way that it could have eaten (or would have tried to eat) those cats, it would have to have been more then double that length to do that. It would have been even less interested in food because of the low temperatures outside at night, they need temperatures of 85 to 90 degrees to fully function properly, and that is probably why it was moving so slow when it was found. The cats would have had a better chance of killing the snake then vice versa. I think your idea of banning the snakes is not a very well thought out decision. Think about this, if I had one of my small snakes out crawling on the lawn for some excercise and an escaped cat just walked by and maybe looked at the snake and the snake fled away in fear, I wouldn't try to ban cats at all. Yet when a snake slithered past your cats and they fled in fear (the snake was probably scared for its life as well) you called the police, animal control, the newspaper, and tried to get them banned in the city. People should be able to keep snakes as pets if they choose, just as you deserve to keep your cats. I do agree that it is very wrong that that snake got loose, but accidents do happen. I'm sure many cats get loose and wander around your neighborhood as well. I know that you may think that all snakes are vicious and would bite anything that came near then, well that is simply not true of all species. Ball pythons are one of the calmest snakes kept as pets, and that is why they are so common in captivity.
Please consider what I've said as I love my snakes just as much as your love your cats.
Adam Webster
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