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poor college student that I am, I get fecals for all new animals (though treat them myself). I feed prey raised on a strict lab qualty diet for the most part, though some treats or special needs (frogs/lizards/other snakes) may not be. I use ultra-strict quarantine proceedures for 6 months and after this many years I treat small things on my own (drugs/equipment available at feed stores around here). I keep almost all animals seperate(have 2 pairs together year round), maintain good records, and closely observe them for any changes. The only instance of other necessity was my male Bco who was taken in for both gram positive/negative testing(both negative). Good practices, regular fecals(every 2 years for mine with a discount due to quantity lol) keep medical to a minimum. Still, if I take in an animals and the vet says, "Yeah we could probably save it with this $500USD treatment" only 3 out of 29 would get it, if he said $1000 none would. I love my animals and treat them well, but I grew up on a ranch. Nothing lives forever.