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Originally posted by Zoe
If everyone pays to have their own forum, eventually there will be dozens etc to go through.
You have to think of it as a mini web site within the web site, the name is listed and what animals they work with / are breeding is listed in the descriptions, so if the person(s) who have these forums use them to there advantage they can basically cover all aspects of potential sales from members in one place... Post who they are, what they are working with, what they currently have available, what they are expecting, shipping, terms, etc etc. Nowone has to go through dozens of forums, just the ones which may have animals they are interested in. It also can save the seller alot of time with emails like do you have, are you going to have, how do you ship, what methods of payment do you take, and helps the buyer because they dont have to leave the site or email to get this information. If you log every day and there is a new post the forum will be lit up, heck if you dont log for 5 days and there is a new post the forum will be lit up aswell so you can always see if there are new posts like every other forum Also there probably wont be dozens of them sold anyways, you can maybe expect to see 5 or 6 over the next few months if what i would assume would be bought.

definitely don't start charging people 100$ for a 3 month classifieds membership. It would weed out the riff raff but frustrate everyone in the process will always have free classifieds!

Also, I think we should be able to make a search that is less than 4 letters!

Ill get that changed for you today! is offline