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I see very valid reasons for getting animals, even ones with no hope to vets/labs for testing, especially in the cases that appear to be hard to dignose or even well known but incurable ailments, IBD, Paramyxovirus, cryto etc.
As far behind as reptile medicine is, maybe the information gathered from these cases can lead to prevention and cures.

I can also understand that if money is tight, sometimes many of the post mortum tests are out of peoples reach.

But, if people keep animals that aquire ailments that are beyond their grasp or ability to treat, then by all means, vet trip.
To do otherwise would be cruelty and neglect.
If keeping animals and not having the money for care and vet treatment of ailments that pop up from time to time, then I encourage them to get the animals to some one or a group that CAN see that what is needed can be done rather than let the animal suffer.
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