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Vet Expenses?

A recent situation where an animal was shipped to a buyer in deplorable condition has me wondering how people feel about the extent they are willing to go in vet expenses. I'm not going to rehash the controversy this particular situation caused, but leave it at the fact the buyer decided to take the animal to his vet for diagnosis/treatment. When all was said and done, the animal had to be put down as it tested positive for paramyxovirus. The animal was in vet care for at least two weeks and a necropsy was done with samples being sent out for testing. As you can imagine the bill is quite substantial.

Maybe I'm venturing into reptile keepers "No Mans/Womens Land" as my gut reaction is "If your not willing to spend what ever it takes, don't keep animals". I realize this is not practical and anyone with interest in these animals should be allowed to keep them.

Just wondering about other folks opinions?
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