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I like the 2nd idea better. If everyone pays to have their own forum, eventually there will be dozens etc to go through. I would certainly rather look through ONE forum than the through 20+ to find a snake for sale.
However, I do like the idea of paying for having your own for sale list. It would reduce the total # of classified posts without making a million different forums for each member. Also, I think we should be able to make a search that is less than 4 letters! When I try a search for "boa" or even "amazon tree boa" or something, it won't let me because "boa" isn't long enough. That's always driven me nuts.

(directly from the classified reply button)
There IS no reply button, they need to e-mail you directly or though snakes, that is the only way for someone to get back to you.

But yeah, definitely don't start charging people 100$ for a 3 month classifieds membership. It would weed out the riff raff but frustrate everyone in the process .

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