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Another case of uninformed hysteria, sigh. I understand this lady's concern for her pets, but she is obviously uninformed when it comes to snakes and therefore, shouldn't be making such statements. As far as the cat's being upset, mine get in a knot and run inside if the neighbor's kids get loud, or if there is a stange cat, dog, racoon, etc in close proximity. If this had have been the case there, there wouldn't have been any story. The newspaper should also be more responsible in what they print. Hopefully, there will be some response to the editor correcting this misinformation. I am angry too and I think e-mails are a good idea, but let's be polite and informative, flaming will only make us look bad and after all we have this forum to vent on;-)
As for this lady, "animal" activist is the wrong term, it should be "cat" activist or "cute and cudly only" activist.
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