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Huh, she thinks a ball python is large and dangerous? I'd like to introduce her to Bandula, my hefty burmese python! He's nearly 16 feet long and even I don't think he could take on a cat, plus he's got a better personality!! I want to resort to name-calling but I won't stoop that low. This woman is getting a letter from me!

At least this snake wasn't reportedly maced, pepper-sprayed or manhandled. They did the proper thing by taking it to a reptile-specific rescue. We all need to be extra careful in seeing that our animals don't escape and that people who come in contact with our creatures, (willingly, of course), understand how harmless most reptiles really are. Education is the key, and being reptile owners puts us at an advantage to demonstrate the feelings we have for our pets. I know I speak for many of us when I say that I love my snakes and geckos every bit as much as my dogs and cats.

Colonel SB - I find my pets extremely cute and cuddly! What are you talking about?!?!? J/K =D
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