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OMG. it is sh*t like this that realy pisses me off. when i hear about a burm getting lose and eating a cat i thing man thats too bad, or when you hear about a retic living under a house you think people need to be more resposible. but when the call a bp a dangerus anamal that REALY pisses me off. i can see the bases for wanting to ban large constrictors due to problems in the past, i dont agree with it but i can see where the argument is comeing from. but this is just bull crap! i have seen pictures of cats and ball pythons curled up nexed to eachother sleeping together. good money says cats kill more people than any large constrictor in the us or canada. YES CATS KILL PEOPLE! ignorince is bliss i guess. its just so much easer to blame all snakes everywhere than one irrisposable owner (not that i know the owner is irrisponsable)
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