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Treat your snake before its too late!!!!

Listen up, I'm a snake lover, my favorite kind of a snake is an albino Burmese, I have several. They are family pets around this house. If you are a snake lover and own an albino Burmese make sure you take the right steps to keeping this magnificent creature healthy. Keep enough heat on them, snakes are cold blooded, they need heat around 96 degrees. and high humidity. They are a pet just like any other pet, if they get sick take care of them as you would yourself or a loved one. I recently had an albino Burmese die. I purchased her from someone when she was 2 1/2 years old and 10 ft long. She was awesome in color but the snake was extremely under fed, they said she just wouldn't eat. The first night in my house she eat two rats, I called the previous owner and told him that she was eating, we were both very happy. Not knowing that this was the last time she would take a meal. I found out that she had a respiratory infection so I turned up her heat, but it wasn't getting better. Baytril is too hard to get a hold of so I tried Tylan 200 .12cc's per lbs. The snake went under this treatment for a period of one week, evidently it was too late, the treatment was started too late. The snake died in my girlfriends lap. PLEASE, if you love your pets, any inkling that something is wrong get it taken care of immediately!
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