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I'm not sure about legal ownership, but you do have 8 species (I think) of bats in your area. There are numerous sites on the web with bathouse plans(where I learned about them) and regional plantings used to attract bats to your home. I'm not sure they could do well in an enclosure, they are delicate little things. As a boy we sometimes would catch one to look at in the barn, but always let them go. The only type of 'captivity' I know of by an individual is rescue workers with abandoned babies whom I've seen carrying them in a shirt pocket and feeding with droppers, all those are released. The little brown bats here are said to eat about 1,400 mosquito sized bugs an hour so keeping feeders on hand would be a pain. Interesting idea though, I could see a small enclosure with a couple of dozen bumblebee bats (weigh less than a penny) as a centerpiece for a home. Most likely all are protected, they all only have one baby per year as far as I have read. Maybe a search for one of the big tropical fruit bats as exotic pets would let you know, they are the most common species I know of that wouldn't be too delicate and for a keeper to be able to feed. Someone has to keep vampire bats as well, they are working to develop an anti-coagulant for heart patients out of the saliva.