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Originally posted by SCReptiles
Well, when it’s my opinion that someone is an idiot, then I will express it. =) If they think I am a jerk cause I thought they were an idiot, then they will express that. Still an exchange of ideas.
More to the point it is an exchange of opinions rather than an exchange of facts. If someone has their facts wrong you can straighten them out without attacking them. *Psychobabble 101 -usually the reason someone will attack someone else is because they feel either threatened or they are insecure*. The right to express yourself (in writing or verbally) does not give you the right to attack or insult someone. One of the things I have noticed on these forums is that when I ask for advice what I get back is a mixed bag from very useful to out to lunch, and this comes from people of a wide variety of experience. Sometimes the out to lunch stuff is a result of ignorance (not knowing), other times I think it is a result of bravado (wanting to fit in). Also some times it comes from the fact that in that persons place, time, and experience it worked for them, but goes against the commonly accepted practice or knowledge. This doesn’t mean they are some kind of low life (who could walk up under the belly of a snakeJ) that can be and should be freely insulted. One thing I have learn in my old age *old but not creaking* is that if you want to win someone to your side of a debate the last thing to do is insult or attack them, verbally or physically. As the old saying goes “You will attract more flies with honey than you will with vinegar”. Of course this is all hogwash and BS if your only fun in life is to get other people going and worked u, but then those people are the reason we have Mods.

Just MHO
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