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We need to really think here on the whole meaning of DEBATE.
Debating is awesome it is a learning tool. I back that %100.
Using demeaning methods and name calling I do not support.
When debating it is necessary to read what you are opposing thoroughly and strike all points.
eg. The whole size issue.

The responder to the thread wrote it is not a good starter herp because it gets to a length of 20ft.
In response to that it would of been: Statisticly Burms only grow to 12 to 14ft and max 16ft not 20 ft. For this fact they are for more experienced herps.

This way you were are able to show the responder with the wrong info of length is corrected and you are still covering the whole subject of is a Burm a good starter for a herp keeper.

Debating is fun as long as it is kept to the main topic if it is strayed off the initial poster gets frustrated because their question is not answered and walks away knowing essentially nothing of what he/she wanted to know in the first place.

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