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I say to each their own and you have to find out what is right for you. I started out with salamanders and newts that were given to me. From there I went to beardies, leos and fatties, then I got my first blue tongue! I love those guys!! But After 3 years I'm still going strong and love my lizards. I would love a snake but my husband is to scared of them and doesn't want one in the house. That is why I got the blue tongue, it was a compromise but I don't regret it! I have had as many as 40 babies at once (they are all housed separately) and nearly 20 adults at a time and although it does get to be an overwhelming work load at time since I also have an 8 hour job and a family and house to take care of I still love it! I am still anxious to check in on the incubators and excited when I find a baby, even if I knew it was due. lol. But that is just me. Every one has their own preference and preferences change all the time. As long as you are taking care of what you have and finding good homes for those you find you are not benifiting you are doing alright.
At the moment I don't have much time. I have around 60 geckos 14 dragons, 5 fatties, a blue tongue, still have my dang newt. lol, and my daughter has a frog. We also keep a special needs tiel and a ferret. This house is pretty full. But I tell you I love it! I just wish I had a little more money these days. lol.
Herps are like pringles, you can't stop at just one.
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