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I guess you're refering to me
Matt, not at all, in fact I think I mentioned that this wasnít directed at the mods. The fact is by the time you shut down that thread yesterday, no more ideas were being debated; I was just making fun of those two jabronis. You did the just thing. You locked it up, but left the opinions for later debate. The only case in which I question a modís decision was a debate I was having with two democrats over in the colubrid forum. They were claiming that field collection depletes natural populations and I was claiming that it didnít. It was quite controversial. I made a post citing a case study in NC that showed hard facts that collection does not effect the populations. I then asked them to respond with facts, not opinions, showing that it did. When I came in the next day to see their answers, the entire thread was gone??? I assumed that someone had posted something off color after I went home that forced it to be deleted, but I am not sure. I donít care for the deleting of entire threads, but I see why you would want to lock one from time to time.
What is not allowed is demeaning of peoples opinions / newer herpers questions etc.
Shane, I am behind you 100% on not degrading new members. That is completely uncalled for and not what I am addressing here. No one is born with the knowledge, everyone must learn. And if old heads only poke fun at newbie questions, they stop asking. Leads to health problems for the animals and possible danger to the keeper. On the demeaning of peopleís opinions, I donít follow that logic 100%. Example, young man asked about getting a burm a few weeks ago. Some yahoo came back and told him not to and quoted the average adult size to be 20 feet. I called that out to be total crap and it is. 20í snakes are as rare as henís teeth. Did I degrade his opinion, yes by all means. But he had no business trying to advise a young keeper if he is that ignorant to the subject matter. For the record, this guys was claiming to be experienced, I would be much more patient with a new keeper.
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