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Re: Controversy

Originally posted by SCReptiles
Snake lover 101 : My Snake has mites, what should I do?

Python player asa: Why donít you put some medicine on them.

Snake lover 101: Oh my god, I never thought of that. Thank you Python player asa.

Boa joker: Yes Python player asa, you are so right. Putting medicine on them is good.
Wrong Way: yeah just put some medicine on your herp, go get some cough medicine and cover it for 24 hours.. LMAO are you that much of a idiot to put medicine on your snakes??? Where did you get that information from???

That kind of response or something similar is not a uncommon thing and THAT is what isnt tolerated.... Period.

Right way: There are alot of various ways of ridding your snake mites, you might try Provent-a-mite or Nix, pull a search for mites in the forums and you can probably find the answers your looking for.

There is a huge differance, first one being the kind of people we dont need in the forums period.

Second being a helpfull responce that actually helps the individual who obviously needs help.
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