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Mr. Hurd. I am disappointed. I thought we agreed that free expression was bad.
Seriously though, In this day and age where we can and do interact with so many people, societies, cultures, we NEED the exchange of opinions, ideas, beliefs, etc. so that we can understand where each of us is coming from. Its actually kind of funny. We all want the general public to understand and accept our hobby and love for our herps and we advocate education and discussion as a means to this end. Yet, when a controversial subject comes up WITHIN the hobby there are always people that say "you are wrong, that is terrible, that is disgusting, we should be ashamed..." This is the same attitude that herp haters have for herpers.
We as human's have the ability to express and communicate abstract thoughts. This is how societies are made. I, for one, beleive that the single most advantageous aspect of this site is the freedom with which the moderators allow us to post. I've seen jokes posted, hip-hop, personal advice...I think its great. But the controversial stuff is the best. It pushes the boundaries and aloows for a better understanding. Maybe it won't change your view, but it helps to understand what others are thinking. And there's nothing wrong with that.
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