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Angry Controversy

Why is it that every time there is disagreement leading to controversy someone will inevitably say “that is not what this forum is for.” Look back at the controversial threads, they have 5 and 6 times as much traffic as the mind-numbing “oh you are so right threads.” To be “not what this is about,” they sure pull a lot if interest. Think about it, is this really the type of forum we want:

Snake lover 101 : My Snake has mites, what should I do?

Python player asa: Why don’t you put some medicine on them.

Snake lover 101: Oh my god, I never thought of that. Thank you Python player asa.

Boa joker: Yes Python player asa, you are so right. Putting medicine on them is good.

Do we really want that? Disagreement sparks massive exchanges of ideas and leads to growth. I think controversy is positive and should be a part of any public forum! Everyone has the choice about what they read, if you are truly offended by someone’s ideas then simply do not inter that thread. Problem is solved and no further need for censorship.
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