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Originally posted by Jmail324
I'm completely against feeding kittens to snakes. Not because they're cute, but because it is unnecessary. Rodents and rabbits are readily available and relatively cheap...
Your bias is showing. Feeding them rodents is just as unnecessary since cats and kittens are also readily available and relatively cheap (free).

I wouldn't do it. I've had pet cats and dogs. The larger the mammal, and the more capable it is of emulating or truly expressing emotion (I dont really know which they do), the easier it is to sympathize and anthropomorphize. Yeah, it's cultural bias, but one that I'm clearly not free of. I've always had pet cats and/or dogs, and I very much identify with them.

I dont think there's anything wrong with it though. Animals are animals...rats, cats, mice, rabbits, goats, and baby snakes all have as much right (or lack thereof) to life.

The other issue...I think it's wrong to take an animal from someone who is trying to place that animal in a "good home" and feed it to your pet without being open about that. I've heard many times in these forums "here's a pic of my new corn hatchlings, and no, you cant have any to feed to your coral". How would you feel if you gave your babies to a fellow herper to raise, only to find that he fed them to his own collection? This isn't even about the's about respect for other people and their feelings.
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