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Wow.. It's amazing that Chuck wants new laws enacted.
I guess it would merely be more for Chuck to break and to tell others to break. I find it funny that you say yes to new laws yet tell people to break them.

From the Hawaii thread.

Yep, I say go underground. Venomous snakes are illegal in TN, luckily I can keep mine in GA, but I know plenty of people in this state with venomous. You can have your friends fed ex them to you the day after you move in and order all the food you need from I am sure he will unmark the box for you if you tell him your situation. I bet there are under ground keepers all over the island. Best of luck to you.
Glad to see you quickly resorted to name calling yet again, Chuck.
Done like a good democrat.

I sense that you dislike me, Chuck...
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