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And when you make a valid point instead of tearing into others for your own personal gain, I will side against you. It's not necessary.
In between his shifts at burger world, Omen made things personal between him and I. He was willing to dish it out, now he has to be willing to take it. The kid means nothing to me, I do not research him, but when I happen across something ignorant that he has spouted out, I will follow up on it. And need I remind you, I followed up here because he was casting dispersions on a man who was in the right and works an honorable profession. I am fairly certain there are some plumbers on this site. I think you should also side with the plumber here. The man spoke the truth. I support you in your struggle against the government up there; I have even emailed the city officials. You defiantly didn’t need this right now. “What if it had gotten to someone’s baby?” Remember that quote, it’s going to haunt you. The democrat battle cry “DO IT FOR THE CHILDREN!!!”
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