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A pretty good one.
A man and a women get into a car accident with each other.
They both get out of the car and the:
man says: Are you ok?
Women: Yes and you?
Man: yes, we are vey lucky, it must be a sign of God.
Women: Yes we are lucky
Men: Oh look, even the wine bottle that was in my back seat is intact, this is an other sign of God
Women: We are lucky god lieks us.
Men: Let's drink since it was God that wanted us to meet and drink this wine.
Women: oh ok why not, after all we are lucky to be alive.
Men opens the bottle and hands it to the women.
Men: Go ahead drink the 1st half and the I will drink the rest.
Women starts drinking, hands the bottle to the men and he says to keep drinking.
Women is drunk and says: Ok, I drank 3/4 of it, you can have the rest friend.
Men: No thanks, I will wait till the cops arrive!
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