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Ever got tired of lizards and switched to snakes ?

This is what's happening to me and my girlfriend.. Are we normal ?

We've been herp lovers for about 2 years, we started with a frog eyed gecko and then bought other gecko species and some snakes.

We really loved both kinds.

This year we started breding leopard geckos and are still into it.

It's as if all the work caring for the babies and the pregnant females got us to stop having pleasure owning geckos.

We also breed or criquets and these baby leo just gobble them, so we even had to buy some cases of criquets since our criquet breeding wasn't enough. $$

I really look at them as a chore now. it really scares us to find out that we are both thinking the same thing. We use to handle them so often before, now,, rarely..

We've decided to start selling our geckos and get more snakes, we find they are less work.

Geckos have babies for periods of 6 months, you constantly have many babies and of different age to care for. You need to check the incubator daily, change multiple water bowls, humidify the vermiculite for the female, etc, etc, etc,...

Snakes, they get pregnant, lay one clutch and then you wait for next year..

I'm a bit mad at myself for thinking like that, I don't know if it's because we're tired, but we really loss the passion and don't see pleasure when a new baby is out anymore.

As this ever happened to some of you ? If so, is it temporary or is it just that we need to move on to something else ?

Thanks for reading and for your comments to come.

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