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Yet another nice post from SCreptiles.
A little pot calling the kettle black here don't ya think?

when he heard a neighbor's snake had gotten loose.
OK the crack showing plummer knew of the snakes escape from the neighbor. But yet calls the police to make a major scene about it.
Why not just contact the neighbor and have him get the snake, instead of having the Keystone Cops, use pepper spray on a snake.

The keeper is wrong for letting the snake escape. Yes stricter measures should be taken on escapees.

I really don't see it necessary to SLAM another individual on here, on a post about something totally different.
You need to chill out and drop the attitude bud. Couple old sayings can be words to live by.
"If you can't say something Nice, Don't say anything at all!" and
"Let he who is without sin cast the First Stone!" Think about it!
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