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Taking advice for laws from one that shows 'crack' all day???
And you have done so much in your professional career that you can set around and cast insults at a plumber. What if he came down and insulted you at your job while you were trying to make some French fries? Would like that? And the crack shower was absolutely right. We need to be more strict on people who let snakes go. Itís people like that who are getting all these new laws passed. We can not keep venomous snakes in TN anymore because an idiot let some cobras loose a few years ago. AL lost the right to keep exotic venomous after a high profile escape. And this story hits the head lines as the city debates the complete banning of snakes? And you criticize a point of view saying we need to be stricter on people who let them escape? Why donít you just get a kitten and leave snakes to the grown ups.
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