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Yeah wyz I agree and really like your post.

I feel a good idea would be to use a CO2 method (or whatever wont affect the "eating value) and start putting these dumped cats down and donating them to one of the many large snake recues all over North America. One on hand the rescues would be getting helped out, on the other hand the public wouldn't like the thought of this and would get off their butts and start spaying those cats!

I also think birth control needs to be developed for cats that is cheap and easily obtained. I would gladly buy it each month and feed it in food on my porch for any stray females that come around. This would really help the cat problem IMHO.

Although the whole feeding cat thing, cruel or no, is dependant on the nutrional value of cats as a meal for snakes. They may be too fatty. I have no idea though.

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