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Wow ! reading all these posts really made me think.
My position didn't change dramatically, but at least I now feel less of a freak for once thinking (hypoteticaly) about feeding cats to snakes.

Come to think of it, if the SPCA were to humanely kill them by CO2 (like responsilble rodents breeders kill their rodent) and then sell them frozen, I think I would buy them. A lot of people bring cats to the SPCA without thinking further... the think they will be placed in nice home.. sorry but that's not the reality, most of them end up in the oven.

Knowing that, many more pet owners would get their cats fixed so they can't reproduce. What we do to rats is even worst, we breed them for the only purpose of feeding them to our snakes, so why not take something that is going to die anyways.

I don't like feeding live mice to my snakes, I find that really hard to watch, so it would be the same for a cat, it's not something that excites me.

If this would become legal, maybe people would think twice before getting rid of their cats and would be more responsible towards them. It's easy to bash herp owner, but are we really the monsters they think we are... ?

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