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There's alot of good advice here, and I agee with the general concensus
Don't take snakes outside!!! Never lose sight of the fact that we are a tiny minority and always will be, despite the good work of the educators in our ranks.
It's people taking stuff outside that is partly responsible for prohibitive legislation and bylaws, because the mere sight of snakes upsets most people.
Out of sight is out of mind.
When people have to contend with the sight of snakes, while having a family picnic in the park, you just know there could be complaints.
I see you're in New Jersey. Have you checked your local municipal bylaws. Boids of all types are prohibited in many towns all over North America.
Even if there is no bylaw,why be the catalyst for one and why jeopardize getting discovered and possibly evicted from your building and losing your animals.
Frankly, I just don't get why herpers seem to think snakes need to go out to play.. This is folly and more dangerous than some seem to realize.
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