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Yikes... so you're saying you're not allowed to have pets on your property, and yet you have a large snake?
i wouldn't call a ball python a large snake.

there are several reasons that it is probably not a good idea to take your snake in a public area. 1) you snake is a ball python and although it is just a moderate sized snake it still belongs in the boid family and some cities (it varies between cities) have had problems with burms and retics getting lose or have heard of those kind of stories and have just completely banned anything out of the family boid. There was a case of a man who ran a snake rescue for large constrictors and told that to the animal control officers in-case they had any come through there. they returned the favor by telling him he had 48 hours to get rid of all of his snakes or they would fine him a HUGE amount for every day he still had them. 2) it is not good publicity for herps when you put someone in a situation where they cant escape there fears. in my opinion people should just learn to walk away from things that bother them, but it is extremely important to respect peoples feelings (after all how would you feel if a man came to the park with a big bag of fresh caught ratters and started chopping their heads off in public?).

i think it is a good idea to let your snakes get some room to crawl every now and then but it would be a much better idea to find a spot out away from the public to ovoid conflicts.
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