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hmmm...feeding anything live to a snake for cheap thrills is wrong. Feeding a live cat for any reason is worse because of the damage its claws would do. feeding a dead kitty instead of a rodent is unacceptable for the majority of people because they're a common pet that most see as cute and cuddley. A better reason would be that it is not close to a snakes natural diet, although maybe people could argue that in terms of nutritional value. Don't get me wrong, I love all animals, I own two cats, a dog, snakes and millipedes. However, I've always been amazed as to how 'MUCH' people think cats are soo soo sweet, harmless and cutsy patutsy compared to other animals.. here's some information from my local humane society about kitties.....
-there are estimated to be 5,000,000 cats in Canada
-it is estimated that they kill nearly 150 million wild animals per year(birds being a main one)
-a cats hunting instinct supersedes need for food
-one pair of cats under good conditions can produce 7000 offspring over a 7 year span (this is including their offspringing breeding and so on) think of how many deaths they may cause!
i don't think a cat has any more feelings than a bunny, or any other poor creature staring into the eyes of death. Its just that people have been taught that certain animals are expendible and others are not.
lets make this .04cents.....cats are domesticated..they don't NEED to go outside...ours are fixed, indoor cats and perfectly happy!..
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