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Cats are Pests and I see nothing wrong with people doing this. If people spayed and newtered they're cats this would not even be a situation. Cats and Dogs are consumed as a source of food every day in third world countries and they think nothing of it. Atleast this way some good is becoming from their existence and they are not just being euthanized at th etax payers expense. How is a mouse really diff then a cat anyways ? IMO know one creature has a right to life more than another!! The only reason people feel this way is b/c cats are cute and cuddly and Rats are not. As long as people go about obtaining these cats legally and are not stealing them out of there neighbors HOUSE then I think they should be able to do what ever they want with them, if the cat is in your yard and crapping in your flower bed i'd say it's fair game then.
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