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I keep garters and ribbons as pets, and wouldn't feed them to anything. Some of you would. Its all a matter of opinion.

I used to keep guppies as pets, and now that I have fish-eating snakes, the extra guppies are snake food. Its the same thing as the kittens. There are too many, and many will be put down/culled anyways, so why not make their deaths useful in some way? Again, its all a matter of opinion. We could debate this all day, saying whether it's right or wrong, but in the end, there will still be the people against it, and the people for it.

Exactly as some of you have already said, why does a cat or a dog have more of a right to live than a rat or a bunny? That is hypocritical, no matter how you put it.

IMO, and it is just an opinion, it is fine to feed a kitten to a snake, just as much as it is to feed a rat. The snake needs to eat, too, and different prey items add a variety to the diet. BUT, I believe you should definitely ask the kitten owners if you can feed them to your snakes. It's dishonest to not let them know your true intentions.

But feeding live kittens is cruel, just as cruel as it is to feed live rats. They have nowhere to escape to, and their last few minutes are filled with terror. Not to mention the obvious risks to your snake by feeding live.

If the kittens are going to die anyways, why not give the snake a free meal? Makes sense. ~TR~
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