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This isn't about DOGS!

We all love dogs. Yes all dogs are wonderful. No one is saying dogs aren't worth as much as cats, snakes or vice versa. Cripes it gets to be a broken record in here.

The bottom line I believe is yes cats and dogs are protected from cruelty BUT if feeding a live kitten to snake is cruel, then feeding live mice and rats should also be illegal and should also be viewed as just as cruel.

Yes I love my cat and I have a special relationship with my dog. But the same can be said for almost ANY cat and dog owner. And guess what the pound is full of? I think my personal point here is just because people think their dog and cat are ever so special, doesn't mean its wrong that another culture sees them as dinner.

And if we view killing a cat for snake food as cruel then we should make feeding live rats and mice illegal as well.

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