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Originally posted by stkkts
society's words coming through your mouth. If you were born and rasied in china you would have a completely different out look. who is to say any one creature on this planet deserves special treatment over another animal? The only argument you can logically make is "no animal should be fed to a snake. No animal should be kept as pets. All feeding should be left up to mother nature" You cant defend a dog or cat and not a mouse or rat. Its hypocritical. Dont let society tell you what to think.
Society does NOT tell me what to think. Obviously, you've never had a special relationship with a dog. Otherwise, you would know the depth of their emotions.
This is not society talking. This is through my own personal experiences.
As far as who is to say any one creature deserves special treatment - exactly, who is to say humans are worth more respect than dogs? In my opinion, dogs have earned my respect. Humans, a lot of them anyway, have not.

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