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Well well well ... feeeding a cat to my burmese . I actually thought of that once . Dont think I would do it but hey see it from the eyes of the snake here . He doesnt give a sh.. what food he eats ( sometimes yes but thats another story ) . So much cats are kill every years because we cant find a home for them but still a lot of people breeding them so they can have little kittens at home but once they grow they try to give them away they cant find anyone , they donate it to pet stores who cant sell them in a lot of case before they start to cost them too much so they send them to S.P.C.A . And under less than a week they are down by the thousand . Makes me sad that all these lill kitten didnt had a chance to have a good life . I love cats I really do love them and this makes me sad . But if they are to be killed than please give them a reason to die . Feeding a snake with a cat that would die anyway ... . As for taking pet cats from someone else without telling them its for a snake it is kinda sad . I would be so pissed to know that , maybe I could have found a very good home for him . So one solution ... S.P.C.A. should give away cats that are to be killed , they are gonna die anyway at least if its for feeding another life that someone love i agree and i would probably do it my self ( not live cat but if the cat were put down and gaved away after ) . I know a lots of those cats goes to vet school and at least serv a purpose in their deaths but as for the rest ....

i dont have time to review my post but thats how i feel
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