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Originally posted by Batdad
One point, one question, and one opinion.

Point-Cat breeding is not seasonal, they go for any time the female is in heat, which can be any time of the year.

Question- Would the nutritional value be the same cat to rodent I wonder?

Opinion- It comes done to a matter of honesty (read in here "honor") If you bought it as a pet and then used as food, not very honest. I personally think that if cats and dogs are a good food source for snakes than why not, it's better than just 'putting them down' and filling up the land fills with dead bodies.

better than just putting them down and filling up the land fills with dead bodies?
Are u serious? That's crazy! Apparently I belong to the wrong site. I love reptiles. But maybe I belong in the dog and cat forums. As I said before, dogs deserve more respect than that. You will never find a more loyal, honest, and unconditionally loving creature (and that includes humans) than a dog. We owe them more than that kind of attitude.
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