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lordkovacs how is cat breeding seasonal? Where are you living? Here in our town we actually have a fairly bad problem with strays and guess what, kittens almost year round can be found in barns, buildings, under decks, etc Also, our friends cat got pregnant twice in a year. And almost all my female cats have gone into heat once per three months.

Here are some figures which can be found anywhere on the internet:

Two uncontrolled breeding cats create two litters per year at a survival rate of 2.8 kittens per litter. With continued breeding, they create:
Year 1 = 12 cats
Year 2 = 66 cats
Year 3 = 2,201 cats
Year 4 = 3,822 cats
Year 5 = 12,680 cats
Year 10 = 80,399,780 cats

Now maybe thats not as fast as mice but forgive me if I am wrong, there are NOT 80,399,780 people willing to provide a proper enviroment for a cat out there which includes spaying. And this is just off 12 cats. Not the worlds population that is already out there. I just don't see how feeding a cat is any worse than a mouse, or a rat. I DO see how feeding a cat that was intended to be a pet would be upsetting but in the long run I think its doing the world a favor. Its sad but true.


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