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I understand you guys thinking cat sold for PETS being fed off is cruel but IMHO its foolish to feel ANY cat feeding is cruel. The only reason it is seen as cruel is because cats are pets.

But nowadays people have allowed their wonderful cats to overpopulate this entire continent. They wreck havoc on wildlife, the breed like mice, and most cat owners are NOT responsible for their cats. They don't get them spayed, they don't keep them in if they aren't fixed and their cute little cat has a litter which in turn will become more unspayed cat makers and then again and again. Frankly I'd say probably 50% of those kittens don't even make it because they are either given to someone who doesnt' take care of them or they are put down at the S.P.C.A

I feel if they were going to say round up 1000 stray kittens from a large city and donate them to a large snake rescue, there should be no problem with that.

But then again mice and rats are readily available.

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