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I don't think the article implied that snake owners are feeding their snakes live kittens just for the thrill of it. If you think about it, doing this could benefit many animals in many ways; cats will not be at an excess population, snakes are fed, and irresponsible cat owners will be 'relived' of their burdens. Yes, I'm being sarcastic.

For the people who do this, there is probably not that much of a difference to them whether they feed their snake a free kitten or an expensive rat... the goal is to feed the snake. It's cruel enough to feed a live rat or mouse to a snake, let alone a live kitten. Personally, my boyfriend has made many jokes about getting free kitties and puppies to feed Bandula when we were having hard times, but we would never really do it.

I think as reptile lovers we should be constantly trying to show the public that our choice in companion animals isn't bad. We want others to support us, not create bans and cause trouble. I agree with Marisa all the way.
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