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Do you want a boid or a colubrid? There are many colubrids that do not need any additional humidity so long as your house isn't unusually dry. Bullsnakes, pinesnakes, many species of ratsnake, etc. There aren't as many boids that do fine at room humidity, but still enough. BCI are hardy, as you said, they don't need to be misted, mine always have perfect sheds at houses humidity levels as well. Would consider a different locality of BCI such as perhaps a Hog Isle or Mexican? Ball Pythons do well at room humidity as well. BRB's don't require misting IF you have to proper enclosure. I jsut wet the newspaper whenever I change it, usually every few weeks. The way the ventilation is, it stays at 80%+ the whole time. But these snakes cannot dry out, so you need to be sure you have it figured out if you can't remember to mist. Desert boas are great (sandboas, rosies), they don't do well with any added humidity. They don't even require a constant supply of water. Really the only snakes that *require* misting are the tree snakes. There are other ways of maintaining humidity levels for extended periods of time. I have everything from desert species to swamp snakes and I don't mist any of them. So go with the above advice, look around at what you like, see if it fits your requirements. Take care and good luck with your decisions
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