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Cripes... I could say that I love my mother and someone would be offended by it (probably Chuck lol j/k)

Why can't people take something for what it is... friendly ribbing!! I could see a fuss being put up over a racist joke or something mean or dirty being posted here... but come on! This joke was harmless (and quite funny I might add)

What I dont get (and never will get) is why people get offended on behalf of other people. Life must be a drag with skin as thin as that LOL its not our fault you used to get beat up for your lunch money

I am sure I have offended someone by now... so if I have I will give a generous offer since I am in such a great mood... I am going to allow the offended person a chance to choose which one of my butt cheeks to kiss :P
Yah but have you ever smelled cheese? Some of it stinks eh?
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