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When I was still selling critters I was also reluctant to let people come over. Not because I had anything to hide... but because I live in an apartment building and neighbours dont tend to greet critters with as much warmth and enthusiasm as we do. In other words... what they didnt know wasnt hurting them. I also didnt want to look like a drug dealer LOL (I sold a lot of baby tarantulas which get shipped in pill vials)

As an alternative, what I always did when someone wanted to actually see something was to actually bring the specimen to them... either at their house or at a meeting place. That way I could discretely bring them in a duffel bag to show whomever wanted to have a look.

Maybe this is an acceptable alternative to the quarelling individuals here?

As for the deposit... I don't blame the guy one single bit. Herpers are VERY fussy people when it comes to buying stuff... (one large reason amongst many that I quit selling them). I often got told "yes I will buy it for sure" only to never hear from the person again. This cost me sales from others who were interested in the specimens (anyone that has ever sold a reptile will probably tell you very similar stories). What I resorted to was a non-refundable deposit OR selling it to the first person that put money in my hand (as long as they didnt have a reputation for improperly caring for animals... which happened a couple of times too. I refused to sell to a couple of people because of experiences and reliable sources telling of abuse and improper care)
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