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Invictus - ordering non-CITIES animals from the US is simple and is less hastle then most think. Customs is not a problem, usually only requiring inspecting when bringing them into Canada, and the cost for Gov't duty. As long as you're straight forward with them at customs, they are easy going, and most love to visit and play with the new herps.
Cost.....well hmm.
price of snakes in US funds
cost for shipping in US funds $50
duty 7% of the total Canadian $$ amount
inspection - usually free unless there are more than 7 animals in a shipment, then its considered a business importing, then I believe its $50 a year for permits. I have never received more than a couple of animals in an order other than person purchases so I couldn't give you exact $$ amounts for import permits and paperwork needed.
I live 10 minutes from WA State, so having them shipped to a friends there then going down to get them is the only hastle. I know that having them directly shipped to Canada is a bit more or a cost, with customs inspections and shipping.
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