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I can understand the dilema of having people over, for many reasons. It just seems hard for me to get a handle on the idea of giving you money with out actually getting to see the snake. How do I know if snake is going be the one in the picture. The internet is pretty is very easy to be taken (both buyer and seller).

I am not trying to get any one to break their rules, or to cause trouble. I am very interested in picking up a pair of beauty BRBs. The picture was great, but there is nothing like seeing these guys up close. I realize a commitment is needed by the buyer, but I have never heard of anybody buying something with out seeing it in person.

What would happen if i give you money beforehand, then after two weeks, I go to pick up the snakes and they are: too small, sick, hurt, or unsatisfactory in some other way? I have now lost my cash for 'backing out'... yet it was not a good snake to begin with.

It sounds like this is how everyone does it, so I guess I am being somewhat paranoid. Thanks for your input guys!

Boa...I will be getting in touch with you again. I hope you are not affended by my question.
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