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I don't believe boa is trying to scam anyone. Everything you mentioned in your post is somewhat standard when it comes to buying snakes.

TONS of people don't invite buyers to their house to see their "collections" Like wyz mentioned its a risk bringing people into your house even if you just keep a moderate collection. Snakes are a VERY easy item to steal as they have no serial numbers and are worth a good chunk of change even the more common species. Also health reasons are another issue. You have someone who has mites in there collection come over and chances are the mites will move to your place LOL. Lots of reasons. I let people come to my house when I am buying, or selling but not everyone and I prefer to meet them. And I only keep low end colubrids. I just don't want *everyone* seeing exactly how.what and where I keep my stuff. You never know who is a punk.

And a deposit is more than reasonable. IMHO.

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